Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Intermedio 1-2 Describing people

Hi everybody.
This is my first post for you. I hope you find this blog useful and it helps you improve your English.
Couldn't you come to class today? Don't worry, you can download the PowerPoint presentation about describing people. Think celebrities and use the new vocabulary to describe them.
If you click on the tab (pestaña) "Files Intermedio 1" you can download copies of the activities, extra practise worksheets.

To be: am, is, are

Practise "To be" with these exercises: (Practica "To be" con estos ejercicios)
Multiple choice (opción múltiple)
Choose the correct word (elige la palabra correcta: hay formas interrogativas)
Fill in the gaps (rellenar huecos: hay formas negativas e interrogativas)
Fill in the gaps in the text (rellena los huecos del texto -un poco más difícil)
Various exercises: (ejercicios variados, pasa al siguiente usando el botón "NEXT =>". Algunos son para la forma negativa e interrogativa)